Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funding- An Eternal Struggle

I always feel overwhelmed when thinking about money. My studio-mate and I are seriously considering a larger studio space, which we are both in need of- my works are stacked in my garage and above the rafters, and things I don't even remember painting threaten to avalanche onto my boxes of regular crap (I.E. Toys, clothes, furniture). I'm in a total quandary, and though I know the way out of it, I don't want get a regular full-time job. I need to earn more money to pay for a studio, in order to make more work, in order to sell more work, yet I'll have to sacrifice painting hours to do more work outside the studio to pay for it.

There are works that I consider "garnishes." Sweet little paintings of things that do little more than advertise my technical skill. I think I need to make a lot of those sorts of paintings just now, to try to deal with my seriously dry financial well. Paintings of things that people like isn't at all what I'm about, but the need to have a product is driving me now. So I'm trying my hand at a few portraits and a couple paintings of people's dogs. It's not a problem to turn these paintings out, I'm just a little ashamed of them.

More images soon. I'm going to donate a painting to a local art organization to try to keep them afloat and I'm preparing to enter a state fair competition. So this depression hasn't completely affected my enormous ego, but it could surely use some feeding.

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