Friday, June 18, 2010

In Progress: Junction

"Junction"(in progress)
48"H by 36"W, on panel.
(click for enlargement)

Not done, but I'm starting to believe that the final painting will strongly resemble what I've done here. The disk or bowl-shaped object in the center right has been replaced with a swirling cloud of yellow and reddish purple., which is the biggest change. The brightness of a few of the front objects has been toned down from a near-white to let them slip back a little since they were popping out like neon signs.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gold Leaf

All I have to say today is that Gold Leaf, used to spruce up frames, is an attractive material with many good qualities. It is now part of my fingertips and nailbeds.

If a craft store in the area offered classes on how to use this material, I'd take them up. Then I would offer my services to a salon to bling the nails of people who desire a truly permanent look.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

California State Fair

48"H by 34"W, on panel. 

24"H by 54"W, on panel. 

These works are on view at the California State Fair from July 14 through August 1st. For event information, please go to

Here's a shot of them when their frames were getting a final coat of polyeurethane:

I think that "Garbage" now weighs 70lbs with the mass of white maple anchored to the outside of it. "Tumult" is framed with some lovely Pacific Coast Cypress, which has a nostalgic yet suprisingly acidic odor.


"Hubcap"(in progress)
14"H by 14"W, on chrome plated steel hubcap.
(click for enlargement) 
In addition to the usual problem solving processes of composition and value, it's very problematic to paint on a round surface. I'm definitely not yet done with it, but it's an entertaining experience; this is the first canvas I've had that's capable of rolling away.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Juju's Front and Back

"Juju's Back"
9"H by 9"W, on panel.
(click for enlargement)

"Juju's Front"
9"H by 9"W, on panel.
(click for enlargement)

These are of a dog belonging to my Aunt, who I've affectionately named Pugzilla.  Her name is actually Juju, and she's an adorable wheezy pile of love.  I had to take my reference photos clandestinely, because whenever I showed that I was paying any attention to the dog she would jump up and practically convulse with joy.