Sunday, August 15, 2010

Holding Pattern

I've been presented with an oppourtunity to shift my studio to a much larger space and I'm taking it. If the blog goes dark for a little while it's because I'm buried under all the art supplies I've aqquired over the years.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Progress: Untitled 2 & 3 (shoes)

"Untitled 2 (shoes)"
24"H by 24"W, on canvas. 
(click for enlargement) 

"Untitled 3 (shoes)"
48"H by 48"W, on panel. 
(click for enlargement)

I wanted to play catch-up with these paintings, to get them to the same level as the first painting of the shoes. Of course, the first painting benefited from having a pthalo-greenish wash before I painted the subject at all. Once these three shoe paintings are of the same quality, I can then begin to pick out batches of shoes to detail and finish; all the red shoes at once, all the gold at once, all the black, etc.

The biggest dilemma is that I don't really know what to call these pieces. I have ideas about the titles, but I really want to make sure it fits just right so I'm holding off. In cases like this, I'll often write a prospective title repeatedly on a piece of paper and examine it. If I still feel satisfied after twenty times or so, the title will probably stick.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Progress: Gulf

"Gulf" (on the right) pictured next to "Junction"
Both of these paintings are in progress, and this is a photo of them hanging in the hall at my studio, which is how they are stored. I noticed, however, that they correspond very strongly. Gulf is on its side to save some space, and while it doesn't seem finished (as though there were an amount of brustrokes or paint tubes that make a painting "finished"), it seems to work well in this orientation so it may stay this way. Gulf is 54" long.