Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Progress: Tumult

 24"H by 54"W, on cradled birch panel. WIP
(click for enlargement)

The title of this painting is a clue to how difficult it has become for me to make further edits. Usually I reach a comfortable resolution with a painting and no longer have long staring contests with it. I can feel where the finish line is and give myself permission to put down the brush. This painting is an exception.

One of the stresses I often encounter is the feeling that composition fundementals elude me. This painting was started with the idea that I would use it to conquer this lack of expertise. Because of this goal, I run the risk of over-working and over-thinking the image. Hopefully my being aware of the peril will save me from not yielding a result.

These larger paintings are always a long process of uncertainty. But I think that quitting because of some mental difficulty is a self-serving impulse, so I'll only stop when the storage becomes impossible.

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