Sunday, January 10, 2010

Migraine Paintings

I get ocular migraines from time to time, and while they're not especially painful, they do have the consequence of making me unable to do practically any of the work I would like to accomplish. Weird shimmering blank spots deter me from driving, make reading impossible, and make reading a slow and arduous task.

So in these times of vision-bending nausea, I paint non-objectively. It's either that or sit in a heap in my studio and stare blindly at the floor.

All 5"H by 4"W, gouache and pencil on Rives BFK tan.

This third one has some features that are more coherent than the other pieces. I was coming out of it a little bit and decided to throw in some more easily understood forms.

My truck has been acting up a little bit lately so it will make getting to the studio an interesting task. We'll see how much painting gets done this next week.

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