Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Progress: Junction

48"H by 36"W, on panel. 
(click for enlargement)  

Worked another few days on this, turning it periodically on the easel to try to balance the composition. The vivid colors have been dulled and more gray areas added. Carefully selecting points to fully saturate is forcing me to continually reconsider the center of interest in this composition. I'm a little amused that lines have begun to emerge that I did not anticipate in the initial sketch, and I might have never noticed the if the panel hadn't been turned.


  1. I really like the addition of those little vertical elements- it adds a lot more interest. ^__^

  2. It's really surprising how hard it is to make a vertical element that looks even and straight from all angles. I like them too but it did take a while to get it right.