Friday, May 21, 2010

Back from Mississippi

"Mrs. Winchester's Bedroom"
8"H by 10"W, on panel. 
(click for enlargement) 

This is a small painting I gave to my Dad last year. This is the first photograph of it that wasn't too terribly covered in glare, but there's still a shadow line down the right side from being in a frame.

"Tangerine Living Room"
12"H by 15"W, on panel. 
(click for enlargement)  
I gave this one to Dad this year.  He'll frame it in a week or so- I had to travel with it wrapped in wax paper to ensure that the few wet spots wouldn't create a enormous mess in the suitcase, so he'll wait a little while before cutting the frame to size and slipping it on. 
Had a great time in Mississippi, though it was really much too short. My husband and I went out for nine days, though the better part of two of those was spent almost exclusively in planes and airports. While we were there, I took pictures of three houses, two of which were new to me, and got in a lot of visiting with my relatives. I am also apparently delicious to bugs.  All anyone has to do when a mosquito swarm nears is stand near me, and all of the little bloodsuckers will be drawn to my vitamin-rich veins. 

So I'm very itchy now.

"Tip"(in progress)
11"H by 14"W, on canvas. 
(click for enlargement)  
 I like the chair in this painting but I think that the junk piled to the left needs some work. I had this desk in my posession and I left it outside my studio, in the parking lot, because hey- it was rusty and full of spiders. It disappeared overnight so I hope that the reference shots I have for it will be good enough if I want to paint it again.

Soon I'll update with photos of a hubcap I'm painting on for, it's exciting because it's my first attempt at a round surface. 

In addition, Tumult and Garbage have both been accepted to the California State Fair Art Competition. I'm riding pretty high for now.

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