Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Dog Buddabba

14"H by 11"W, on panel. 
(click for enlargement) 

This painting will be donated to Andy's pet shop in San Jose to benefit their operation. They sell supplies and pre-owned dogs, cats, lizards, birds, hamsters, etc. etc. They really have a long history in the building that they're in, too. Unfortunately, they're being evicted and have to move.

This is for the Art for the Animals project, to be donated as a fundraiser. Andy's needs all the help they can get.

Buddabba (not sure if this is the correct spelling) was brought to the US by an American tourist visiting Thailand who encountered him in a half-starved state. This person brought him back to the US and quickly found that Buddabba had a host of behavioral problems. He bit, nipped, howled, and refused to be potty trained. Buddabba likely would have been put down if he had not been passed on to Andy's.

Buddabba was slowly rehabilitated and with a consistent environment, has become a very trustworthy canine. He was adopted a few weeks ago. He's now a "good dog".

I find myself really attracted to work like this. It's astonishingly not as labor-intensive as the garbage paintings. While the rubbish heaps aren't as precise or as figurative, they involve a lot more soul-searching and divination regarding the next steps to take. In contrast, when I'm commissioned to paint from a photo of an object, it is usually done within two days.


  1. The colours you used are beautiful and so perfect! Amazing work!

  2. Thank you cookie! I'm looking forward to painting more dogs, for sure.