Saturday, February 6, 2010

In Progress: Tumult

In this former entry I discussed work on a painting I'm calling Tumult. Yesterday I had a few hours to spend and chose to work on it more and attempt to resolve some of the issues with the light side.

 24"H by 54"W, on cradled birch panel. WIP
(click for enlargement)  

I finally believe that I might be able to sucessfully resolve this piece. Also, the end of the work on it feels near. While I can't pinpoint what exactly it needs in addition, it no longer seems like a truncated or lazy image. 

I'm playing the catch-up game. I was painting and suffering from the winter doldrums and generally didn't want to spend time writing about it later.


  1. Hey, strong work, love the subjects and the ambition. Thanks for finding my blog and your comment.
    It turns out I grew up in Palo Alto - there are a lot of great bay Area painters and your painting and draftsmanship is in that tradition.

    I've wanted to curate a show down there around some writings on the concept of "Contemporary Vanitas" painting, your work would fit well. Just need to find a venue!

  2. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

    I grew up in Morgan Hill, and left just when the housing boom really topped out in that community.

    Let me know when your show comes together. I'd like to read up on this concept- it sounds very interesting and timely. Since getting out of school I've actually missed the conceptual readings that were such a part of the academic environment.