Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Progress: Untitled (shoes)

"Untitled (shoes)"
30"H by 48"W, on canvas. 
(click for enlargement)
This is a pile of shoes with a couple of electrical cables piled on top of a mattress.  I had a really good groove going with this by the time I was done today. So good, actually, that I didn't really notice that I was clenching my jaw and leaning heavily to the left. Forgetting to move and above all, relax, is a sign of a good painting, or at least it means that I'm passionate about it. It also means that I might be found laying on the floor tomorrow, trying to get my back to go back to where it should be.

Here is a reference collage I've made of the same subject:

(click for enlargement)
Just drawing these absurd little graceful objects brings me more joy than wearing them possibly could.  Another series of paintings? Well, yes. I've got nothing but time until I start making a realistic income with my painting, so I may as well put my eggs in a lot of baskets.

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