Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Progress: Untitled (shoes)

"Untitled (shoes)"
30"H by 48"W, on canvas. 
(click for enlargement)

Still going really strong on this one. My Mondays are cut short at the studio, but the extension cords are finished and were very fun to paint. This painting has an issue I didn't really see until this point; the shoes on the left side are small in size, but shouldn't be quite as tiny as they are. I'll have to correct that when I paint on top of the drawing. 

I'm ready to paint more on it as soon as I get up in the morning. This is going very quickly compared to some of the other ones I have languishing in the studio.


  1. Hi, Lydia! I like this new one, and I think it has some nice metaphors. I wouldn't have noticed the shoes on the left are smaller. That's why you are the artist! You know, I never realized you had responded to my comment back in June. I never think to go and see if blogging friends respond to my comments. I am glad Mark's Horse has a nice home (nice dress, btw:). I would love something of Caesar! Let me know if you want a photo to work off of; you've seen a nice headshot of him on my blog, but I can get a full shot too. I also like Benji's House. I want to get more art in our apartment now that we are grown-ups :) Just let me know about what you need!

  2. Hey Shane! I'm liking it too. We'll see if I can keep the enthusiasm all the way through, in the past my limit has been around 60% before I go wander off and read a book or start another painting.

    I'd like to try to paint Caesar, I'll need a photo of him where you use the zoom to get close, rather than standing near him. Otherwise, he'll look a distorted. A head shot would be okay, so would a body, I'm not at all particular. Do you have my email?

  3. Okay; it's rainy today, but I will get a few shots over the upcoming days and send them your way. I like the very natural/casual stance of the horse in Mark's Horse so I will try to catch something like that. Caesar is very handsome, but he often ends up looking dopey in photos. Ha!

    I think I have your email somewhere, but you can email me. My email is my first and middle name (julia) with no hyphens or anything at hotmail. Cool!